About KP Assurance

KP Assurance SIU Services, Inc.
PO Box 618717
Orlando, FL 32861
(p) 407-802-2860
License # A2000245

About KP Assurance

Professional Investigations

KP Assurance is a full service insurance fraud investigations company with more than 20 years of experience delivering results for Tier 1 clients. We use covert ethical investigation’s practices documenting the activities of the subject(s) while protecting their legal right to privacy. We use state of the art surveillance equipment and cloud services providing our clients with detailed easy to read reports giving you the documentation you need to win your case.

The lead investigator is also the owner of the company. As an expert in the field, he holds a Master’s degree and is a former Police Officer and is former law enforcement Insurance Fraud Investigator.

Results Oriented

KP Assurance SIU Services, Inc. guarantees quality results at the most efficient cost and 100% client satisfaction. We have implemented investigative procedures and standards unsurpassed in the industry. We also eliminate unproductive time and expenses such as excessive billing, mileage charges, and hotel fees.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

You're the boss! We will do it exactly the way you want it done. We make professional recommendations, but ultimately, what you say counts. Our President and CEO guarantees exceptional service within reason, or you will receive no charge on the case submitted. That's right, you have it in writing! We guarantee satisfaction without ridiculous billing for food, mileage, etc. We will compete with any investigative agencies in business and guarantee better results, prices, and satisfaction. We'll bet the cost of the investigation on it!

What sets us apart from other investigative agencies?

  • Each case is assigned an in-house analyst as a liaison between the investigator and the client to ensure accurate and timely status updates.
  • Our investigative agency includes a summary section on each report, which gives our clients a snapshot of the investigation without having to search through the detail.
  • Trained investigators are readily available to ensure we can meet critical deadlines.
  • Surveillance video chain of custody is maintained by having trained professionals working with documented procedures to ensure proper care.
  • Every surveillance subject’s identity is confirmed using discreet and ethical techniques.
  • Regular equipment inspections (camera, vehicle, recorders, etc.) are conducted to ensure proper maintenance and care.
  • Investigators are trained to document surveillance as-it-happens to remove recollection challenges.
  • A custom, open-ended question set is created for each EUO or recorded statement to ensure the focus remains on the information requested by the client.
  • Chain of custody, security, disaster recovery, and record storage procedures are reviewed annually to ensure compliance with industry best practices.

We give you what you need to be successful!